My stay at TomTom is essentially divided into 2 projects.

I was brought in to help refactor the code of one of their clients, in order to form a common library for all the future TT clients to be based on. This was to rationalise the client situation, which was a bit of a zoo at the time. This rationalisation effort was a necessary step as part of TT’s high level strategy to enter the autonomous vehicle market. Based on a request and a proof of concept by Bill Breen, I ended up personally executing on a lot of the initial refactoring, to a point where, given our progress, and so as to formalise this work/project within TT, a reorg happened. A new team was formed to carry on with this and other client projects.

Accordingly, in the 2nd part of my assignment at TT, I was part of a scrum team working on a variety of client projects, further from the initial ‘skunkworks’ status of my work ; from there on, I took on a less exploratory role.